New Media Content

For more than 7 years we have been producing our own new media content, in the form of podcasts, articles, and videos.

Burzcast Podcast


Romanian New Media Content (audio podcast, video podcast & articoles) on tech and business.

Produced and recorded by Razvan Burz, this Romanian podcast (and other forms of new media, for that matter), gather together leaders in their field of expertise, such as great developers, company managers, entrepreneurs, new media creators and tons of persons whom you should listen to.

This is the BURZ & Company

This is How the Business Operates

We are a company of one, playing the infinite game of business and content.

What this means is that the management of the company is under the leadership of a single individual.

The company is a registered legal entity in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Cluj-Napoca is a well regarded digital hub throughout the world, due to a large number of IT professionals with a great work ethic, besides being a great cosmopolite city.

Infinite Scalability for Your Project's Needs

We are a company of one. We do not have to employ many people, but we can sure grow as much as needed in order to tackle any project, of any scale.

Have some small company requirements, let's talk.

Should you might have large company requirements? We can scale as much as needed, just like with cloud computing, the paradigm we love so much.

We partner with other companies and freelance developers and orchestrate the project per its needs.

The Infinite Game of Business

Our whole group's philosophy is to only compete with ourselves, trying to make better decisions and grow, ethically, yearly. After all, we're running for more than 12 years already.

The Infinite Game of Content

For more than 7 years we have started producing new media content, such as audio podcasts, technical articles, and video for our audience. We know that we can share some of our knowledge with our audience and we really love doing it.